industry collaborations

samsung x lasalle: reimagine and reinterpret


in this unique partnership with samsung, students from the ba(hons) product design programme were invited to reimagine and design accessories for samsung's latest galaxy z flip phone. students generated practical designs for wearables and accessories that pushed the boundaries of what phone accessories could be, whilst complementing the phone's unique flip mechanism.

the top five designs by abhavya roshan, nicholas bee, jo ee, hor xiao wei and sari atiqa ramli were brought to life at the samsung experience store at vivocity. the public was invited to choose their favourite design and ‘grille’ by abhavya roshan emerged as the winner.

“completing this project during a pandemic taught me flexibility, quick-thinking and adaptation. we are encouraged to think outside the box and not limit ourselves to ‘play it safe’. when you are no longer restricted by creative boundaries, you then truly start designing without inhibitions,” said abhavya.